Ahhhh, the taboo subject of beer on keto! Let’s get controversial! All joking aside, beer is often cast aside by the keto community as something that’s off-limits. Much like cupcakes, brownies, and donuts, beer becomes one of those thing that you “just don’t have anymore.” Lucky for me, I like my keto lazyyyy! I allow myself the occasional indulgence, and beer definitely makes the cut for me.

In the weight loss phase, it’s important to stay dedicated to hitting your numbers, and I don’t want to make anyone believe it’s OK to just sit around drinking beer all day long if you are actively trying to lose weight. If you are in ketosis, you basically hit the pause button on fat burning when you consume alcohol. The body burns up alcohol as its primary source of fuel first, then moves back to burning fat.

Now that we understand how the body reacts when you drink alcohol while in ketosis, I think we can all agree that drinking alcohol regularly probably isn’t a good idea if burning fat is your goal for being on keto (plus, like, it’s just not healthy in general to drink regularly). Know your goals, and live accordingly. I don’t believe in deprivation because I feel it has been the number one reason for diet failure for me personally in the past, and I imagine I’m not alone. I finally feel like I can live my life and not feel like I’m missing out on anything while losing weight! You have to be honest with yourself. If “cheating” on keto will derail you indefinitely, I advise against it. But if you can trust yourself to go off the diet for just a day or night, or for an event, or for a vacation, and jump right back into your keto-loving ways, go for it! Eat the cookie. Have the slice of birthday cake. Enjoy the local renowned dessert on vacation. And by God, have the beer! I can help you navigate the beer to stay on track for your daily carb goals.