From its inception, I have dreamt of incorporating beer into my page! I have managed to lose 32 pounds since starting lazy keto, and I’ve had my fair share of beer since about 1 month in to this lifestyle. Abita beer has been a consistent piece of my adulthood. My husband was drinking Turbo Dog the night I met him. We served Abita beer at our wedding. We visited the brewery to celebrate moving to Covington in 2012, then went for “one last tour” before moving to Mississippi for a few years in 2013 (we have since returned home!). I gave my husband the evil eye for drinking Abita Strawberry in front of me while pregnant (it was still just a seasonal unicorn then, not available year-round as it is now), then enjoyed an Abita Strawberry he’d saved for me as my first post-pregnancy alcoholic beverage. The very first time I drank a beer after starting this diet was with coworkers one evening after work, just over one month into my lazy keto journey. What did I have? Abita Amber in a frosty mug from Liuzza’s, of course!

That first evening of having a beer “off the diet” led me to Abita’s website, where I shockingly was able to find the carb content for almost every single beer they brew. I have not been able to find such a breadth of nutrition information for beer anywhere else! Abita made it exceedingly easy to count carbs and figure out how to work beer into my day’s carb goals. I didn’t have to feel like I was “going off the diet” with such information so easily at my fingertips. I’ve gone through their beer list and arranged it from lowest to highest carb content. Use this guide as a reference for yourself when you’re trying to scratch that beer itch! Each carb count is per 12 ounces of beer.

Abita Light (Lager): 2.6g carbs. 4.1% ABV

Hop 99 (IPA): 2.7g carbs. 4.2% ABV

Maison Blanc (Ale, “beer-wine hybrid”): 7g carbs. 6.5% ABV

Amber (Lager): 10g carbs. 4.5% ABV

Big Easy IPA (Session IPA): 10g carbs. 4.5% ABV

30 90 (Lager): 10g carbs. 4.5% ABV

Strawberry Lager (Lager): 11g carbs. 4.2% ABV

Purple Haze (Lager): 11g carbs. 4.2% ABV

The Boot (Hybrid beer): 12g carbs. 4.8% ABV

Pecan Ale (Ale): 13g carbs. 5.2% ABV; Seasonal

Turbo Dog (Brown): 15g carbs. 5.6% ABV

Christmas Ale (Dark Ale): 15g carbs. 5.8% ABV; Seasonal

Hop-On (New England IPA): 16g carbs. 6% ABV

Mardi Gras Bock (German Maibock): 16g carbs. 6.5% ABV; Seasonal

Strawgator (Lager): 17g carbs. 8% ABV

Wrought Iron IPA (IPA): 17g carbs. 6.9% ABV

Old Fashioned Pale Ale (Ale): 17g carbs. 9.25% ABV

Andygator (Helles Doppelbock): 19g carbs. 8% ABV

Bayou Bootlegger (Hard Root Beer): 45g carbs. 5.9% ABV