Boudin Balls

Some of the best food I make is spur of the moment and totally unplanned. I was at the grocery store buying andouille sausage for my shrimp and grits, and my eyes fell upon the boudin. I looked at it wistfully, knowing that it’s packed with rice so by default, packed with carbs. In a moment of weakness I decided to pick up the pack just to see how many net carbs were in a link. Maybe, just maybe, I could justify eating half a link?! There were 16 grams of net carbs in the entire package (three links). I bought it, thinking I’d eat a link later and fulfill that boudin craving.

Next thing I knew, it was Sunday afternoon, and time to begin meal prepping for the week. Of course I was watching some Saints football and drinking a beer, and I decided we NEEDED some gameday snacks since I was in the kitchen anyway. Ummmmm boudin balls anyone?! This has been Chris’s favorite recipe so far, and I definitely scratched that boudin itch I didn’t think I was allowed to scratch!

I had some of my remoulade in the fridge that I use with fried green tomatoes, so I used that to dip these in. If you don’t feel like whipping up a dipping sauce, these are packed with flavor just by themselves!


3 links (16 oz) boudin (We use Richard’s)
1 cup crushed pork rinds
1/2 cup almond flour
3 eggs
Tony Chachere’s
Oil for air fryer (I used olive oil)

1.  Prepare air fryer by wiping down the inside and sides of the frying basket generously with oil of choice.
2.  Remove casing from boudin links and place contents in a mixing bowl.
3.  Add one egg to boudin and mix in by hand to help hold the balls together.
4.  Roll boudin and egg mixture into 12 balls, each slightly larger than a golf ball. Place to the side on a plate.
5.  Place 2 eggs (whisked and seasoned with Tony Chachere’s), almond flour, and crushed pork rinds in three separate, shallow plates.
6.  Dip each formed boudin ball in egg, coating all around. Next, coat lightly with almond flour. Lastly, cover evenly in pork rind crumbs.
7.  Arrange boudin balls in frying basket.
8.  Cook at 400 for 6 minutes. Remove basket, flip boudin balls, and return to heat for an additional 3 minutes.
9.  Serve with remoulade, or eat alone! Try not to fight over the last one.

Net carbs: 1.7g per boudin ball