Fried Green Tomatoes

I’ve been wanting to add some appetizers to my growing recipe list. What appetizer is more “NOLA” than some fried green tomatoes?! I’ve been toying with using crushed pork rinds as breading after reading that it’s a go-to keto hack for fried food. Let the kitchen experiment begin! And what honorable plate of fried green tomatoes doesn’t come with a side of remoulade to dip in? Yep… got that covered too!


(For fried green tomatoes)
2 green tomatoes
2 eggs
2 cups of crushed plain pork rinds
1 cup of almond flour

(For remoulade)
1 cup of mayonnaise
1/4 cup of Creole mustard
2 teaspoons of Tony Chachere’s
2 teaspoons of horseradish
1 teaspoon of minced garlic
1 splash of hot sauce for color and spice

1. Make remoulade first by placing all ingredients together in a large bowl and mixing well. Set in refrigerator to cool and allow flavors to marry.

2. Slice tomatoes to desired thickness (Each tomato produced 4 to 5 thick slices for me). Sprinkle Tony Chachere’s on tomato slices.

3. Place eggs, almond flour, and crushed pork rinds in three separate, shallow plates.

4. Dip each tomato slice in egg, coating each side. Next, coat each side of the slice with almond flour. Lastly, cover evenly in pork rind crumbs. Arrange tomato slices on a plate until all slices have been covered.

5. Prepare air fryer by wiping down the inside and sides of the frying basket generously with olive oil.

6. Place an even layer of tomato slices in the frying basket and cook at 400 for 4 minutes. After 4 minutes, flip the tomato slices and return to fryer for an additional 2 minutes. Repeat until all tomato slices have been air fried.

7. Serve with chilled remoulade dipping sauce.

This recipe totals at 17.3 net carbs. That is assuming every bit of the almond flour (5.3 net carbs) is used to coat the tomato slices. This was not the case when I made these, so we can safely assume the total net carbs will be slightly less. If you eat half of the recipe (the equivalent of one tomato), your net carbs will be 8.65 grams of net carbs. My husband and I were unable to polish off the whole recipe in one sitting ourselves!

Net carbs: 8.65g for half of the recipe (1 full fried tomato)

Aren’t they pretty?!