Muffuletta Salad

“Work smarter, not harder.” If this weren’t already a phrase, I would coin it myself. To clarify, I am not in actuality lazy! I am downright busy. Efficiency fuels my life, so lazy keto is obviously a perfect fit for me. This muffuletta salad hits all the high points for me: it’s quick, it’s not complicated, and most importantly, it’s delicious. And can we talk about the cute charcuterie as a little side snack?! Precious and delicious. And zero net carbs… hellurrrrrr!!!

I’ll always remember trips to Central Grocery & Deli as a kid. We would wait in a long line, anticipating the large, salty sandwich that awaited us. If we had visitors in town, we didn’t leave the city without letting them sample a giant muffuletta from Central Grocery first. I always say that salt is my favorite flavor, and I can’t say that these muffulettas aren’t to blame! As a New Orleans classic, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recreate this sandwich in salad form.

2 cups Romaine lettuce mix
2 oz Black Forest ham
3 slices salami
1 slice mozzarella cheese
1 slice provolone cheese
2 Tbsp olive salad
Sesame seeds
Italian seasoning
Oil & vinegar drizzle

Simple enough… combine the above ingredients as desired. The flavor from the olive salad packs a punch, and a little goes a long way. The majority of net carbs come from the olive salad, so keep an eye on how much you use. If you prefer a “wet” salad to dry, drizzle some oil and vinegar on your salad. Lastly, one of the most iconic details of a muffuletta is the sesame seed-covered bread. We leave the bread out but keep the sesame seeds for texture and flavor!

Net carbs: 11.7g

Hack: 1 Tbsp of olive salad rings in at 5 g net carbs. Decreasing the recipe from 2 Tbsp of olive salad to 1 Tbsp will decrease the total net carbs to 6.7 g in case you’re cutting it close to your carb limit for the day.