Hi there, Lazy NOLA Keto here

“Never will I ever…” is usually how I start a statement that will inevitably come back and laugh in my face. “Never will I ever try keto.” Yep, I’ve said that before. I was a keto nay-sayer. I scoffed at the idea every time I heard the trendy term. I’m a logical girl, so let me explain my thinking:

Keto involves tedious counting. There’s the counting of the carbs, then there’s figuring out your daily percentage values of carbs vs. protein vs. fat. Count your macronutrients and get them in the perfect proportions. For each morsel you put in your mouth. Every day. I’m sorry, but I already count enough! I count minutes, hours, kids (everyone accounted for?!), dollars, things left to do on my ever growing to-do list… You get the picture. Count macros for everything I eat now too? How about COUNT. ME. OUT.

The next thing keto had going against it in my eyes was the whole low carb part! I live in New Orleans, a city highly revered for its insanely delicious cuisine. Literally every social gathering revolves around eating and drinking! Would I just be restricted to staying at home to avoid going out and being in situations where I couldn’t eat a thing? Honestly, what would be left to eat or drink in my carb-loving city?

I couldn’t deny the results, though. We’ve all gotten sucked into the internet blackhole of before and after keto pics, amirite?! Surely all of these seemingly ordinary people couldn’t be committing to this complex system of counting and eating boring food. Enter LAZY KETO. Eating a low carb diet in and of itself will put the body into ketosis, the fat-burning process that provides energy for your body when carbs are no longer available to do so. I’ve seen so many keto/low-carb “afters,” including my best friend (shoutout @mamahennessy! Over a hundred pounds down by eating a modest, lowish carb diet and working out consistently), that I thought- why not? I’ll never know if I don’t try it myself. So then I did what I always do before diving into something… Research obsessively!

I decided to commit to eating a balanced, low-carb (20-25 net carbs per day) diet for a few weeks to see what happened. The weight started flying off of my three month postpartum body is what happened! I stopped religiously tracking daily net carb intake and just estimated my daily net carbs once I felt comfortable and had a pretty good grasp on how many carbs were in things I ate regularly. After ten weeks, I was down 20 pounds and back to pre-pregnancy weight. I’ve grown accustomed to this way of eating and like the way I feel overall! I’ve gotten creative through what started out as a diet to lose baby weight. I started crafting new, lower-carb recipes off of classic New Orleans style meals I’ve eaten and loved my whole life. BOOM. Just like that, Lazy NOLA Keto was born. I’m here to share my adapted New Orleans recipes and guide you through eating and drinking low carb in the city one restaurant at a time!

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